How to use our rooms for your music

Thank you for many inquiries.

Now I need to tell you how to use our renewal facilities for your studying music.


If you would like to learn playing the piano for the first time, YAMAHA DGP-1 in the Room 1 is available. DGP stands for Digital Grand Piano and this piano is also called Gran' Touch. Besides biginners, intermediates study playing the piano often using it.

When the intermediate or advanced students need to complete playing some classical piano pieces, YAMAHA GC1SN settled in the Room 3 is recommended. In this case you have to pay ¥1000 per within an hour in addition to the regular lesson fee.


Room 1

The Room 1 is such a large space as to be suitable for an ensemble practice as well.


Room 3

f:id:okstudiotoday:20160921115614j:imageThe Room 3 has a desktop computer, so that you can use Skype app for lesoons in various instruments.


Room 2

f:id:okstudiotoday:20161006094039j:plain The Room 2 is used for the lesson in voice (vocal), violin, flute, guitar, bass guitar or Keyboard. This room is equiped with a vocal amp, a mic stand, guitar amps, bass amps, a keyboard amp, and even a fridge, especially for vocal students to moisten their throat with a drink.




Every student of OK studio can use each room for free except the Room 3 as long as the room is vacant. Flute or violin students would, however, be required to pay charge that is ¥500 for the Room 2 or ¥1000 for the Room 1 per within an hour. Persons other than the students of OK studio are also allowed to use the Room 1 and/or the Room 2 with the same charge.


Don't hesitate to ask for more details.




Ko Ito